Makerspace Build Night Kit

Richard L'Abbé uOttawa Makerspace


What is a Makerspace build night kit?

It is kit that was developed to get more people engaged in technology. By building and sharing your projects we can help the maker community. Every kit that is purchased, the same kit gets donated to youth who need a little bit of inspiration. Inside is you will find:

  • A complete set of materials to build a project
  • A participant’s manual that will explain how to put the project together
  • An educator's (or parent's) manual which will have suggestions for further activities to continue the learning experience as well as further explanations of concepts explored during the activity.
  • Access to internet posts about projects from all participants.

For more project ideas, go to

Age: 10+

February Kit update

This is a cute heart shaped programmable pcb from . For more information on how to program check out the full product description at HERE

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