Heart PCB

Space Hedgehog


This is an adorable little kit that is a perfect introduction to wearable electronics. The heart of the kit is the heart shaped electronics board with 8 LEDS. It is easy to program and requires no wiring. The LEDs used are “smart” which means that it is easy to program all kinds of cool patterns from rainbows to a beating heart.

What is included

  • 1 Lovey Dove Board
    • Micro-controller (Adafruit Trinket)
    • 8 Neopixels (Special RGB LEDs)
  • 1 Battery Pack (batteries not included)
  • USB Wire

Each Lovey Dov is pre-programed to light up in a pattern. To change the colour you will need to download the Arduino IDE software, libraries, and drivers. Don’t worry if this sounds a bit complicated we will walk you through the whole installation process.

All the information needed can be found at this link

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